Le’ Guider International Electronic Assembly began its operations early in May 1981.  Servicing being the company’s line of business, it was involved in the repair and service of almost all kinds of commercial and residential electronic equipment and appliances.

To name a few,  Le’ Guider Int’l  has  a  working design for a low cost, high quality electronic push-button  telephone which it for sees to aid in the country’s telephone program, it  also  has a working design of a  brushless,  automatic  AC/DC Electric Fan with Dome light and AM/FM radio including a built-in battery  pack to last up to six (6) hours, the Automatic  Voltage Regulator ( servo and relay types) for a per appliance use or  the Voltage  Stabilizer / Guard  for   whole  households or offices, The  Guider  Power  Uninterruptible  Power Supply or UPS, and the Guider Power AC Economizer.

With years of experience neatly tucked under its belt, Le’ Guider Int’l finally in the second quarter of 1988 left the repairs business, to the dismay of its clients and went on to tackle a bigger and better field, the electronic manufacturing and marketing business.

Moving to the city of Pasay where it begun to produce its products, Le’ Guider Int. put on-line the first of several products it was to market.

Through a stiff, unmatched advertising campaign Le’ Guider Int’l was able to penetrate the back-up power supply market which was held by foreign and multi-national companies.

The Guider Power Uninterruptible Power Supply quickly became a house hold name.

In the last quarter of 1993, it introduced the Guider Power Economizer,  designed to reduce your electricity bill from 20 % to 50 percent and the  Guider Power Voltage Stabilizer a wall type Automatic Voltage Regulator and Appliance Guard which can regulate AC current for an entire household or a whole office.

In  the near future,  Le’ Guider  International  Electronics Assembly  is  setting it’s sights on  tie-ups  or  sub-contracting agreements in electronics  assembly for other companies willing to take  advantage of the low cost, high quality  craftsmanship  Le’ Guider Int’l  has to offer for foreign interested companies and at the same time continue with  manufacturing its own designs.

Mission and Vision

A clean energy approach to a sustainable public transport;

To stop dangerous climate change caused by the burning of and the reliance on fossil fuels through cleaner, safer and renewable alternative energy.

By using innovative technology and local materials to create energy efficient vehicles, to start a transition towards a sustainable energy in the future and in the process, generate more jobs for Filipinos.

In the Philippines, the basic transport system is the tricycle. It outnumbers taxis, jeeps and buses combined. Though small in size, it emits the most poisonous gasses among vehicle types.

There are now 2.6 million smoke belching and noisy tricycles plying the streets of the Country, Now is the time to eliminate the very damaging effect of the noise and pollution generated by tricycles and find less costly transport fuels.

The GUIDER POWER ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV) AND ELECTRIC TRICYCLE (E–TRIKE) is a better alternative to the gas–fed vehicle. No gas, oil, noise and smoke. It’s fully automatic. No pistons, spark plugs, fuel filters, carburetors, oil change and emission tests. Less parts means less maintenance and less cost.

One fully charged GUIDER POWER ELECTRIC VEHICLE AND E–TRIKE costs from P45.00 to P50.00 in electricity which can run for 40 UP to 60 kilometers (No Attached Solar Panel).

A gas powered tricycle costs P200–P250 pesos daily to run 40 UP TO 60 Kilometers. It means savings of up P 200 a day or P 6,000 per month.

Executive Summary

Today as we face and penetrate the market in the Philippines, we embarked the market quality superiority, competitiveness of our product service expertise of our men behind the set goals of our company.

We strongly believe that the success of this endeavor will be thru corporate and team efforts of dedicated men and women who will join this new and innovative market approach.

As we encourage and motivate any potential group or individual to join the march to a new horizon of a very profitable, attractive and worthwhile business opportunity in Philippines.

Ultimately, every individual group of company’s business corporations, big or small entrepreneur will all be given equal chance to grow with our products, certainly with our company.

The E-Trike market is potentially large for the replacement of existing tricycles and generated demand for the new E-Trike technology given the rapid growth of trike industry. To initiate the Government’s goal of industry transformation through E-Trike technology, the project recognizes the need to capture economies of scale by ensuring that the supply of E-Trike technology and services, are cost effective and meet aggregate and as well as diverse local demand and conditions.

The selected E-Trike design uses a standard, high quality lithium battery and frame, which is expected to ensure cost-effective market entry for national investors.

Successful establishment of the industry in Philippines will also lead to employment generation beyond E-Trike operators and has the potential for growth into other south and Southeast Asian markets.

The impact of the project will be sustainable energy use by the transport sector, and the outcome will be the transformation of the public transportation through large-scale adoption of locally made energy efficient electric vehicles, in particular E-Trikes.

The proponents view the market for the E-Trike light vehicle to be not only the Philippines but most especially throughout the globe. Primarily, the consumers of these goods were believed to be developing and/or third world countries but markets were found highly industrialized countries as well.

This is due to insufficient information found in the country to support a viable demand abroad. Nevertheless, this analysis has focused on the local markets because the firm will initially sell the products in the local market before expanding operation to enter the foreign scene.

The proponents believe that the productive going to do very well internationally like the strong demand results received through survey conducted in the country. It must not be forgotten that one (1) of the E-Trike products to be produced by Le Guider Int’l are company inventions, first of its kind. It is a fact that all innovators in the vast, highly competitive world of business are the biggest and the sturdiest in their fields.

Due to the functional similarities of these products, Le Guider Intl. targets market for all the products are almost identical. Le Guider Intl. will produce the first defines its market in the Philippines

The company manufactured 1 to 3 E-Trike units a day or up to 90 units per month to sustain and improve the transportation for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao market.

Le Guider Int’l to set up a factory 7 stage 750 square meter production line E-Trike production  to be increased gradually by up to 5 units per month or 20 % per year and to maintain the highest of Quality of E-Trike and warranty maintenance  services.