We’re amazed by the Sarao e-jeepney’s features

Normally, it takes a couple of years for a vehicle manufacturer to develop and come up with its first production model. But barely three months after joining forces, Le ‘Guider International and passenger jeepney giant Sarao Motorswere able to conceive their first e-jeepney—the GP Sarao EJ-12. Engineer Youssef Ahmad, chairman of Le ‘Guider, had the first […]

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Protect Philippine common people’s feet “Jeepney” The gorgeous bus of the Philippines featuring flashy car body “Jeepney”. It has been popular as the legend of the common people in the Philippines where the railway is not well developed, but now it is in danger of survival. The reason is that it is […]

This PH-based engineer converts cars into usable EVs (Jason Tulio)

Fans of internal combustion might scoff at the idea, but it can’t be denied that electric cars are the wave of the future. With increasing concerns about the state of the environment, carmakers are moving away from traditional means of propulsion in favor of using electricity. In that regard, engineer Youssef […]

Presentation of Electric Traditional Tricycle to City Government of Imus

Presentation of Electric Traditional Tricycle to City Government of Imus City

Engr. Youssef Ahmad presenting Le’ Guider traditional Electric Tricycle to City Government of Imus, cavite. It was a very challenging for the company to convert old motorcycle to electric motorcycle. Imus Cavite will be the first in the Philippines to use eco-friendly public transportation.

Imus City Mayor Emmanuel Maliksi  is planning to replace all fueled tricycle to pure electric tricycle.  Imus City will be the first to be clean and green city in the country.