Sarao Motors partners with Le’ Guider to create the first ever Sarao Electric Jeepney

Sarao Motors, the biggest manufacturer of traditional jeepneys in the country and electric vehicle maker Le’ Guider International signed a joint venture to design and manufacturer an electric motor-powered electric Sarao Jeepney.

Because of stricter environmental and roadworthiness laws being implemented by the government, the traditional Filipino jeepney, which uses diesel engine, is being threaten to extinction. The partnership between the two companies will be like this, Sarao will design and manufacture the jeeps, while Le’ Guider will supply the electric motor to power the Sarao Jeeps.

The prototype that Sarao made for Le’ Guider is powered by a 15kW permanent magnetic motor which will be controlled by a regular manual transmission system.

Youssef Ahmad, CEO of Le’ Guider said in an article on NewsByte;

…the electric motor of Le’ Guider satisfied the four requirements needed by Sarao Motors to revive the jeepney:

1) A powerful, safe and reliable electric motor.

2) A long range of 120km with a charging time of only two hours.

3) It can be mated to a conventional five-speed manual transmission.

4) It runs on a powerful battery that can last for at least 10 years.

Sarao Motors and Le’ Guider International is expected to publicly unveil the finished product in February and when fully operational the seven-hectare Sarao facility in Las Piñas can manufacture around 50,000 units a month, providing more jobs at the assembly plant. Price and other details of the “Sarao Electric Jeepney” will also be announce during the public unveiling.