This PH-based engineer converts cars into usable EVs (Jason Tulio) 14

Fans of internal combustion might scoff at the idea, but it can’t be denied that electric cars are the wave of the future. With increasing concerns about the state of the environment, carmakers are moving away from traditional means of propulsion in favor of using electricity. In that regard, engineer Youssef Ahmad is ahead of the curve, having begun his foray into sustainable vehicles way back in the late ’80s.

Ahmad heads Le’ Guider International E-Trike Electronic Assembly Philippines, a company that creates and converts cars, tricicyles, and jeepneys powered by electricity. Their goal, as the company’s mission statement reads, is to “To stop dangerous climate change caused by the burning of and the reliance on fossil fuels through cleaner, safer and renewable alternative energy.”

We recently visited Ahmad’s workshop for a closer look at how the process to creating a zero-emissions vehicle takes place. He also explained to us how these vehicles can benefit the country’s public transport and pollution problems. To hear it all from the man himself, click on the link to play video.

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