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Fil-Lebanese introduces new brand of electric trike

A new brand of electric tricycle or e-trike powered by an electric motor will soon hit the Philippine market in response to the government's clean air law.

Filipino-Lebanese inventor and businessman Engineer Youssef Ahmad said the Guider Power E-trike uses alternating current (AC) power or a rechargeable battery with 32 sensors and can incline 30 degrees or can go through extreme situations such as flash floods.

The Guider Power E-trike according to Ahmad is an electric tricycle or Philippine rickshaw that is a better alternative to the gas-fed trike since it has no gas, no oil, no smoke and fully automatic and less maintenance. It has an ultra-compact transformable electric vehicle that allows you to drive both along and in non automotive areas.

A fully charged Guider Power E-trike costs from Php 45.00 to Php 50.00 in electricity which can run 60 kilometers per hour and 100 percent water tight. It has also a provision for solar panels with 48 volts designed for areas with no electricity.

“It is zero emission, no noise, no fuel, no maintenance and environment friendly,” Ahmad said.

The Fil-Lebanese inventor, who is also the chairman of Le’ Guider International E-Trike Electronics Complex located on Domestic Road in Pasay City, said he is now looking for Philippine distributors for the e-trike to replace two-stroke tricycles, which is causing pollutions.

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